Professional Clinical Support

Get advice for your present cases regarding diagnosis, treatment strategy, herbal formulas, acupuncture, exercises, diet and lifestyle regulations.  Follow the instructions below to make your purchase and we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange the session. 

Consultation Topics and Skype

Please let us know the Topics you would like to discuss in your consultation.
Please advise us of your Skype Username and your Time Zone so we can prepare and contact you to arrange session day/time.

Skype is a software application that enables audio/visual conversation over the internet for free - you need a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer with a webcam to share a video conversation with another user. offers the software for free.

Steps 1 through 4: Arranging Your Advisory Consultations

1. Send mail to to arrange a Skype appointment. Please include Advisory Topics, Skype name, and Time Zone.
2. Download Skype and create a Skype login with your email address (if you have not already completed this step)
3. Make your payment below via PayPal
4. Andreas will start a Skype video call at your appointment time

Nothing you share with us will be shared with someone outside of our team of experienced Chinese Medicine practitioners and herbalists.

Book your Skype consultation


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